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Stroyeva, Olesya Vitalyevna


2020: additional state diploma on History of Arts, St. Petersburg University of professional retraining
2011: state diploma of associate professor
2009: state diploma of higher education, director of TV programs, GITR Television & Film School
2004: degree of PhD on aesthetics (Thesis: “Phenomenology of Abstract Art”)
2001, 2002: state diplomas of higher education on cultural studies and philosophy, Perm Technical University
1998: course of French philology, Sorbonne, Paris
1993 – 1998: state diploma of higher education on English and German philology, Perm Pedagogical University
Painting skills: art school in Perm, course of graphics in the Academy of Arts, Great Britain

2020 – present: head of the Department of Culture at GITR Film and Television School
2010 – present: full professor, the Department of Culture at GITR Film and Television School
2008 – 2010: scientific secretary, GITR Film and Television School
2009 – present: member of Russian Association of Professional Artists
2006 – 2008: Dean of the Faculty of TV direction, GITR Film and Television School
2005 – 2006: associate professor at the department of culture, Perm State Institute of Culture
2004 – 2006: director of art-club «Werld», Perm State Art Gallery
2000 – 2006: vice-chairman of the Public Fund «Istoki»
1999 – 2006: associate professor at the department of English, Perm State University

As a film director and an artist: art-film “Bloody Tyrant Time” – Duende Sessions festival in Barcelona, Spain, 2022, the 10th Poetry Film Festival in Athens, Greece, 2022; diploma of the “New-York Internet Short Film Festival” for the film “Italian Coffee” (included in the ArtDocMedia catalog, Russia), 2019; films and video-art are included in the electronic catalog of the Cannes Film Festival AVIFF, France, 2017; diploma “Silver medal for Contribution to Civil Affairs” awarded by the municipality of Monopoli (Bari), Italy for the personal art exhibition “Arte senza confini” 2016; diploma of the New-York Internet Short Film Festival in video-art, 2014-2015.

March 2018: International exhibition “Vanguard Today”, Moscow Association of Arts
July 2016: Arte senza confini, Russian-Italian project, Castel of Carl V, Italy, Monopoli (Bari)
March 2015: L’Agenzia di Arte, Portugal
May 2015: exhibition of International Association of Artists, Moscow
June 2013: L’Agenzia di Arte, Portugal
March 2013: Gallery Crisolart, L’Agenzia di Arte, Barcelona, Spain
November 2012: exhibition of Moscow artists, Gallery A3, Moscow
December 2011: Black Dog Gallery, Russian-Australian project «Time & Memory» (with Eugenia Men), Moscow
November 2011: gallery of Zurab Zeretelli, Art Preview, Moscow
July-August 2011: Central House of Artists, «Les Oreades» gallery, «Art Preview – Les Oreades, Summer 2011». Moscow
November 2010: gallery «Kino», Moscow
2010: «Music and Theatre» in restaurant «Gorki», Moscow
July 2010: Eutopia, Luxembourg
May 2010: International Association of Artists «Art Today», Moscow
2006: art-project «Seven Valleys», Moscow
2000 – 2005: paintings and video-art were exhibited in Perm Art Gallery and Perm Exhibition Hall

TV projects: worked as an expert for Federal TV channel REN TV (more than 15 issues of documentary project “Riddles of Humanity”) and for the project “Cancellation of Culture” on RuTube (2 issues in 2022), as a lecturer on radio “Mayak” in the program “Department” with Igor Ruzheinikov (2019); as an artist for documentary series “House of Romanovs”, “Secrets of the 3d Reich” (TVC channel), short film “About Love”, TV films for “New decision-MEDIA”.

Research Works Indexed at the Web of Science Core Collection:
1. Sudba antiutopii i neoliberalnye zennosti v sovremennoi serialnoi produkzii [The fate of anti-utopias and neoliberal values in modern series production] // Nauka televidenya [The Art and Science of Television]. No. 16.4., 2020. Pp. 11-29.
2. Neomifologism i konzeptualism v visualnoi culture: ot modernisma do metamodernisma [Neomythologism and conceptualism in visual culture: from modernism to metamodernism] // Nauka televidenya [The Art and Science of Television]. No. 16.1., 2020. Pp. 11-32.
3. Tendenzii razvitiya visualnykh iskusstv pod vliyaniem novykh aekrannykh tekhnologiy [Trends in the development of visual arts under the influence of new screen technologies] (co-authored with S. V. Aronin) // Nauka televidenya [The Art and Science of Television]. No. 15.1, 2019. Pp. 173-196.
4. Fenomenologiya tela v kontekste posgumanisma [Phenomenology of the body in the context of posthumanism (on the example of popular cyberpunk series)] // Nauka televidenya [The Art and Science of Television]. No. 14.1, 2018. Pp. 41–56.
Articles published in the leading peer reviewed journals:
5. Dekonstrukzia klishe, psikhoanalis i nuar v sovremennykh fentezy i istoricheskikh serialakh [Deconstruction of cliches, psychoanalysis and noir in modern fantasy and historical series] // Khudozhestvennaya kultura [Art Culture]. No. 2, 2020. Pp. 288-314.
6. Arkhetip geroya v kontekste neomifologisma sovremennoy aekrannoy kultury [The archetype of the hero in the context of the neo-mythologism of modern screen culture] // Vestnik VGIK [Bulletin of VGIK]. No. 2 (40), 2019. Pp. 88-97.
7. Neomifologizm v izobrazitelnom iskusstve XX veka [Neomythologism in the Fine Arts of the XXth Century] // Dom Burganova [House of Burganov]. No. 1, 2019. Pp. 16-28.
8. Neomifologicheskie cherty v sovremennom visualnom iskusstve [Neo-mythological features in modern visual art] // Kultura i iskusstvo [Culture and Art]. No. 2, 2019. Pp. 7-13.
9. Muzykalnaya struktura abstraktnoy zhivopisi (fenomenologicheskiy analiz) [Musical structure of abstract painting (phenomenological analysis)] // Muzyka i Vremya [Music and time]. No. 3, 2019. Pp. 3-7.
10. Problemy dialektitki tela I soznaniya v noveishikh nauchno-fantasticheskikh serialakh [Problems of the dialectics of the body and consciousness in the latest science fiction series] // Vestnik VGIK [Bulletin of VGIK], No. 2 (36), 2018. Pp. 86–94.
11. Giperrealisticheskoye telo v sovremennoi culture [Hyperrealistic body in contemporary culture] // Observatoria kultury [Observatory of Culture]. T. 15, No. 2, 2018. Pp. 154–160.
12. Aevoluzia obraza Narzissa ot arkhaiki do aery selfi [The evolution of the image of Narcissus from the archaics to the era of “selfie”’] // Kultura I zivilizaziya [Culture and civilization]. No. 4, 2017. Pp. 724–734.
13. Pablik art I virtualnyi tip vospriyatiya publichnogo prostranstva [Public art and the virtual type of perception of public space] // Kultura I iskusstvo [Culture and Art]. No. 4, 2017. Pp. 41–46.
14. Aepokha razmnozheniya personalnogo aekrana: izmenenie vospriyatiya prostranstva i vremeni [The era of reproduction of the personal screen: changing the perception of space and time] // Observatoria kultury [Observatory of Culture]. No. 4. V. 14, 2017. Pp. 396-404.
15. Attrakzion giperrealizma kak product mediakultury [Attraction of hyperrealism as a product of media culture] // Vestnik of SAFU [Bulletin of Northern Arctic Federal University]. No. 2, 2016. Pp. 96–103.
16. Piktografia v aepokhu mediakultury: razrushenie logosa [Pictography in the era of media culture: the destruction of the Logos] // Vestnik MGOU [Bulletin of Moscow State Regional University]. No. 1, 2016. Pp. 78–85.
17. Kategoria mimesisa v aepokhu aekrannoy kultury [The category of mimesis in the era of screen culture] // Vestnik MGOU [Bulletin of Moscow State Regional University]. No. 4, 2015. Pp. 57–64.
18. Vliyanie mediakultury na sovremennoye iskusstvo [The influence of media culture on contemporary art] // Vestnik VGIK [Bulletin of VGIK]. No. 1 (23), 2015. Pp. 82–91.
19. Transgressiya kak profanazia v sovremennom iskusstve [Transgression as profanation in contemporary art] // Observatoria kultury [Observatory of Culture]. No. 1, 2015. Pp. 18–24.
20. Postfigurativnost i postnefigurativnost v sovremennom iskusstve [Post-figurative and post-non-figurative in contemporary art] // Dom Burganova [House of Burganov]. No. 4, 2013. Pp. 11–20.
21. Postfigurativnost Olgi Tobreluz: novyi tip chuvstvennosti [Post-figurativeness of Olga Tobreluts: a new type of sensuality] // “Observatoria kultury” [“Observatory of Culture”]. No. 3, 2013. Pp. 60–65.
22. Fraktlnye attrakziony postfigurativnosti i ekzistenzialy anti-iskusstva [Fractal attractions of post-figurativeness and existentials of anti-art] // Observatoria kultury [Observatory of Culture]. No. 1, 2013. Pp. 30-35.
23. Dekodirovaniye nefigurativnosti i sovremennykh art praktik [Decoding of non-figurativeness and contemporary art practices] // Voprosy kulturologii [Questions of Cultural Studies]. No. 6, 2007. Pp. 8-13.
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26. Ars Longa. [Lectures on the History of Visual Arts] M., GITR, 2011. 144 p.
27. Voprosy po istorii izobrazitelnogo iskusstva [Questions on the history of fine arts] / Collective monograph “Pages of World Culture”. M.: GITR, 2012. 230 p.
28. Daseiners. [Philosophical fantasy]. St. Petersburg: Strata Publishing House, 2020. 182 p.
Other scholarly publications:
29. Neomifologizm v sovremennoy vizualnoy culture [Neo-mythologizing in contemporary visual culture] // Kulturnoye naslediye ot proshlogo k buduschemu [Cultural heritage from the past to the future]. SPb., 2021. P. 166.
30. Gorod kak virtualnoye prostranstvo [City as a virtual space] // Geografia iskusstva [Geography of art], M., 2018. Pp. 246–252.
31. Novyi tip mimesisa v aepokhu aekrannoy kultury? [A new type of mimesis in the era of screen culture?] // Nauka televidenya [The Art and Science of Television]. No. 12.2, 2016. Pp. 73–85.
32. Modeli sovremennogo kulturnogo proizvodstva: brokolazh i dekonstrukzia [Models of modern culture production: bricolage and deconstruction. Petroglyphs of megalopolises] // Filosofia I obschestvo [Philosophy and society]. No. 2 (74), 2014. Pp. 135–141.
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41. Fenomenologiya muzykalnosti abstraktnoy zhivopisi [Phenomenology of the musicality of abstract painting] // Vestnik departamenta obrazovaniya [Bulletin of the Department of Education]. No. 3, 4. Perm, 2003. Pp. 89-93.
42. Intersubyektivnost v abstraktnoy zhivopisi [Intersubjectivity in abstract painting] // Gumboldtovskiye chteniya [Humboldt Readings]. Materials of the Ist international conference. St. Petersburg, 2003. Pp. 116-120.
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45. Transformazia lichnosti kak usloviye vospriyatiya abstraktnogo proizvedeniya iskusstva [Transformation of personality as a condition for the perception of an abstract artwork] // Obrazovaniye v culture i kultura obrazovaniya [Education in culture and culture of education]. Part I. Perm, 2003. Pp. 262-263.
46. Abstrakzionism – simvol, mif, skhema [Abstract art: a symbol, a myth, a scheme] // Massovaya kultura kak fenomen XX veka [Mass culture as a phenomenon of the XXth century]. Perm, 2001. Pp. 136-137.
47. Abstrakzionism kak germenevticheskaya problema [Abstract art as a hermeneutical problem] // Formirovaniye gumanitarnoy sredy i vneuchebnaya rabota v vuze, tekhnikume, shkole [Formation of the humanitarian environment and extracurricular work at the university, college, school]. Volume I. Perm, 2000. Pp. 141-142.

The curricula developed and implemented in the educational process of GITR Film and Television School: “Philosophy”, “History of Fine Arts”, “Aesthetics” – BA program, “History of Culture” – MA program, “Theory and History of Culture” – postgraduate studies, “World Art Culture” – additional professional education.

Master classes and Conferences

In 2022, conducted a series of lectures “Basics of Dramaturgy” at the British Film School “Catalyst Berlin”, Berlin. In 2015-2016 gave a series of public lectures at the cultural center “Punktum”, Moscow. In 2006 held a course of lectures and workshops on the History of Fine Arts in Iceland, Reykjavik. Gave talks and made presentations at international and national scholarly conferences in Lucca (Italy), St. Petersburg, Moscow, Perm.