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УДК 791
ББК 85.373 (2)
DOI: 10.30628/1994-9529-2018-14.3-92-114

State Institute of Art Studies,
Moscow, Russia
ORCID: 0000-0003-0752-9786
e-mail: jdacha@mail.ru



Annotation. The article presents a detailed analysis of the musical compositions sounded out in Alexei Balabanov’s film “Brat 2” [“Brother 2”]. The author arrives at the conclusion that the film producer uses the expansively symbolic potential of songs and arranges them by means of the field of “secondary meanings,” which frequently contradict the meanings of the direct plot narrative. In the structure of the film, in the opinion of the author, two systems of musical leitmotifs are traced out. The first system is connected with the leitmotifs of the protagonists and the character of the surrounding environment, whereas the second system—the more complex and semantically more saturated—builds special relations with the image of America. The programmatic musical composition in the structure of this second system is the song “Goodbye, America” (“Farewell Letter”) of the group “Nautilus Pompilius.” Its symbolic polyvalence complements and develops a whole set of other songs, which ultimately turns into an independent “off-screen” vocal cycle about love. In this cycle all the basic stages of relations are traced out: the foretaste of love, meeting and entrancement with feelings, the first disillusionment, an insurmountable conflict, exinanition, saying farewell, the syndrome after being in love with the sense of inevitability of loneliness and, finally, the ultimate parting.
However, in the unfolding story of love the main hero is not in the least Danila Bargov, but it is Alexei Balabanov as the representative of a certain generation. It is particularly his perspective of America as a paradise-country, very personalized, and hence hidden behind irony, becomes the secondary plot-related and semantic core of the film, which few people are able to read through, which makes it very important.

Keywords: movie music, Alexei Balabanov, popular music, Russian rock, soundtrack, musical video, popular culture, the Russian cinematograph, vocal cycle.